Made in USA: Haas’ Favorite American-Made Building Supplies

“Made in USA” is a label that holds much significance, now more than ever.

For many shoppers, it’s a mark of quality and craftsmanship that makes a purchase trustworthy and worthwhile. There’s a sense of pride that comes along with using, wearing or displaying a product with a “Made in USA” label.


What does “Made in USA” mean?

The “Made in USA” label is protected by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  In order for an item to bear that designation, it must be made within the United States borders from “all or virtually all” American parts.

With these strict standards in place, finding an American-made product can sometimes be difficult.  Check the label of any random item at a big-box store, and you’re much more likely to find “Made in China,” “Made in Mexico,”etc.

There are signs, however, that such widespread outsourcing is beginning to reverse. Since 2010, hundreds of manufacturing companies moved production back within U.S. borders, bringing more than 757,000 jobs to the country. The “Made in USA” label is gradually becoming more frequent on a greater variety of products.


Why seek out the “Made in USA” label?

Buying American-made products supports domestic job growth and improves the local business economy. “Buying American” also reduces pollution and promotes support for higher standards of health, environment and human rights.


As a tribute to American workers, Haas Builders Supply is showcasing some of our favorite “Made in USA” products this month. So, if you’re feeling patriotic and looking to support U.S. businesses, here are some building supplies we think are worthy of your consideration:


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